Yang'at Resource Center Front view.

The Headquarter of Yang'at Organization where its offices are located. Situated in West Pokot County (024) in Kapenguria along Lodward road.


    Formed in 1999 under the initiative of  four educated Pokot ladies (Among them is the late Debora Katina), Yang’at, formerly Girl Child Potential Sensitization Group aimed at encouraging Pokot girls to pursue education and other activities that could free them from the oppressive and dehumanizing ethics and cultural traditions.

    Low female enrollment in institutions and few participation of women in co-curriculum activities were the key fundamental observations that led to the formation of this group to fight:

    •  Gender discrimination against girls and women.
    • Female genital mutilation (FGM).
    • Early child marriages.
    • Forced marriages & rape.
    • Ignorance & negligence.
    • Wife battering & wife inheritance

    The organization envisions a community that:

    1. Values all children irregardless of their gender.
    2. Provide access to water that will allow communities engage in economic activities.
    3. Allow girls get better education.
    4. Offer women the opportunity to engage in socio-economic activities to improve the living standards of the community in general.

    The organization has grown drastically over the past decade reaching out to the marginalized communities with an aim of improving the lives of the people through various projects.

    Goals and Objectives

    Our driving goal is to remove the cultural impediments that work against the development of the girl child in the pokot community.

    Key Objectives:

    – To facilitate access to clean water and improved sanitation.
    – To promote education for all in Pokot.
    – To promote health services to the entire community.
    – To enhance the institutional capacity of Yang’at.

    Vision & Mission

    Vision statement

    To be a leading organization in promoting positive community transformation.

    Mission statement

    To empower communities through promotion of education, livelihood support and facilitating access to water and Health services.

    Core Values


    Transparency & Accountability

    Team Work



    Efficiency & Effectiveness



    Job Nyorsok



    Elizabeth Pkukat