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Emergency Response And Resilience Building Program

Pokots are people who practice nomadic pastoralist as their integral source of livelihood. However, the periodic drought situation in West Pokot county has seriously impacted negatively on this source by leading to the deaths of the animals as pasture has been steadily declining ever since October 2016 and water sources are constantly decreasing since then-(NDMA monthly bulletin indicates a drought condition as at a severe band). Enrollment and retention of students in the project target areas/schools in West Pokot is shrinking. School attendance is a challenge mainly due to hunger and lack of water caused by the current drought situation which has worsened. A parent would rather have their children remain at home so as to help walk long distances and fetch water for the cattle and domestic use while they go look for food elsewhere.

The program activities include Cash for work and food for work program. Cash for work encourages trade, production, creates secondary economic benefits, allows for greater choice and control over how beneficiaries will rebuild their lives, thus helping to restore their dignity as well as their livelihoods. It provides a flexible resource to affected households and empowers individuals to spend money according to their needs and priorities.