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Water For Life Program

West Pokot County is located in an Arid and Semi-Arid geographical zone of Kenya.  This county has a bi modal type of rainfall.

The long rains fall between April and August while the short rains fall between October and February. There is, however, great variation in the total amount and distribution of rainfall received in the county. The lowlands receive 800mm per annum while the highlands receive 1600mm per annum. The county also experience great variations in temperature with the lowlands experiencing temperatures of up to 30⁰ C and the highlands experiencing moderate temperatures of 15⁰ C. These high temperatures in the low lands cause high evapo-transpiration which is unfavorable for crop production.

The above climatic condition brings about recurrent drought which results in limited supply of water in the community there hence scaling-up poverty and hunger levels through lowering the production of the most common source of livelihood: agriculture; majorly livestock production.

This digs further into the plights facing the residents residing in the pastoral areas in West Pokot County through making it hard for them to provide food for their households, unimproved health and no or reduced school attendance among the children.

The project aims at addressing these challenges in a more practical way through:

  1. Construction of sand dams.
  2. Shallow wells.
  3. Installation of roof catchment.
  4. Training of water management committees and the community on hygiene and sanitation.

These will ensure accessibility of water for household and small scale farming use.

To promote hygiene and sanitation, pit latrines  have been constructed in schools through the program.